If the item is marked “Patent Pending” and you can locate the approved patent and its filing date, you will then know the “no-later-than” date for the game. The term “Service Mark” or symbol ℠ represents an unregistered mark for a service instead of product, since products would warrant a trademark.

Note that existence of a patent does not guaranteed that a game was actually published, sold, or distributed. From 1842 to 1883, decorative items could be registered in Great Britain to protect the design from being copied and produced without approval.

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The symbol ® (letter R in a circle) was authorized to identify a registered trademark in the United States starting in 1946. Items so registered may be labeled with a so-called diamond mark that includes codes identifying the type of material used (e.g., wood) and date registered.

This diamond mark is from the cover of John Jaques’ Moorish Fort game.

But a number of actors, comedians, and fellow Groundlings members were semi-regulars on “Gong Show,” because Barris knew they would deliver, even if they didn’t win.

Reubens didn’t spend much time with Barris behind the scenes because FCC rules bar off-camera fraternization between producers and contestants.

The show would plow through five episodes in a day.

Reubens still remembers the chaotic atmosphere backstage.

All of the men are in their geek-chic uniform of khakis and polo shirts (the hoodies of yesteryear), to answer questions about their company's relationship with Apple, all in the style of "The Dating Game".

In the video below, you'll hear only Gates' answers, but those, of course, are the most interesting.

One was a shrimp burger cooker, which came with a gift certificate to buy shrimp burgers. Reubens also received multiple cans of green paint, which were used to paint the green room at the Groundlings’ Melrose Avenue theater.

“Gong Show” taped at the NBC studio complex in Burbank.

“You couldn’t talk to the judges and you had to be escorted if you had to go to the bathroom,” Reubens recalled.