"You didn't want to stand too close to him." Catastrophes plagued the production. Coppola convinced himself he was to blame and one evening had an epileptic seizure."We had access to too much money and little by little we went insane," he later confessed.Hopper was in a bad way according to George Hickenlooper, who directed the documentary Hearts of Darkness about the making of Apocalypse Now.

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And when the art of writing was lost in Greece at the end of the Bronze Age, it still persisted amongst Luwians for as long as half a millennium.

In the 19th century, European scholars discovered these Luwian inscriptions long before the first Mycenaean, Minoan, or Hittite documents.

They'd got the stiffs from a guy who supplied bodies to medical schools for autopsies. "The police showed up on our set and took all of our passports," says Frederickson. "Francis had to literally start from scratch with him," says Doug Claybourne.

"They didn't know we hadn't killed these people because the bodies were unidentified. But they got to the truth and put the guy in jail." Later, a huge truck showed up and soldiers started loading the bodies inside. "He had to bring him up to speed on what the thing was about and who the character was." According to his co-star Dennis Hopper, the production was shut down for a week while Coppola read Brando the script out loud.

"I don't know what they did with them," says Frederickson.

"Nine-hundred people, the cast and crew, just sat and waited!

No surprise that he suffered a nervous breakdown, declaring on three separate occasions that he intended to commit suicide.

Apocalypse Now opened in 1979 and is today regarded as a masterpiece.

Hopper said, "Ask anybody who was out there, we all felt like we fought the war." Coppola had more to lose than most.