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Chang — on the left — was always slightly shorter and the upper half of his body arched away from his brother.

Their mother encouraged the boys to exercise, stretching their connecting ligament so that it gradually grew to more than five inches — enough for them to run, swim and handle a boat.

As a new biography reveals, the pair triumphed over extraordinary odds and appalling prejudice in 19th-century America and Britain. academic Joseph Orser in The Lives of Chang and Eng, the pair were never allowed to forget that many considered them ‘monsters’ whose sexual urges and desire to pursue a normal family life were unnatural, even devilish, abominations.

Brought to the West to be exhibited as freaks and probed by doctors, the enterprising Bunkers eventually became rich Southern gentlemen and plantation owners. Born in 1811 in a fishing village 60 miles from Bangkok, the twins really had their roots more in China than in Siam, later renamed Thailand.

So Watkins, a retired registered nurse, moved her mother from Oklahoma to a Lakewood condominium.

Six months later, she moved in with Marilyn to provide 24-hour care for the ailing woman, who is nearly blind and susceptible to falls and broken bones. — ‘Tis the season for excessive shopping and since many people will purchase their holiday gifts online, this is a good time to brush up on some internet safety tips. who provide unpaid care to a family member — or a first-time caregiver looking for helpful tips and advice, the AARP Online Family Caregiving Fair will help you make … From Passion to Profit, Part 2: Veteran Entrepreneurship takes place on Thursday, November 9, 2017 / p.m.Their father was a Chinese fisherman and their 35-year-old mother was half-Chinese, half-Malay.The two midwives who helped at the birth recoiled in superstitious horror at the thick ligament connecting the babies just above their waists.You can also find the podcast on Tune In, which also has an i Phone and Android app as well.In the i Tunes Podcast store for Apple i Phone, i Pad and Mac users In the Google Music store for Android OS users, On Sound or using the Sound Cloud mobile app on both i Phone and Android.Crucially, they were able to bow 18 times, as custom dictated, when they were presented to the king of Siam, Rama III.