By surrounding yourself with such genuine affection you'll remind yourself that you are deeply loved by many.

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Plan a date night to snuggle up and watch a festive film: it's a great way to feel cozy. Call a person you miss and tell them you love them Expand that cozy, warm, joy-to-the-world feeling by calling a loved one.

By letting them know that they are missed and adored, they'll know how much they mean to you.

) Bring some festive baking to the office Don't forget to spread some joy closer to home.

Try bringing some festive baking to the office and sharing it around: it'll banish those winter Monday blues and leave you feeling warm.

Not only will you be getting it ticked off before the last post day on the 19th, you'll be spreading joy and love: a sure way to lift the spirits.

Get a new haircut to be ready for the party season If wishes seem too impractical, do something more pragmatic and treat yourself to a new haircut.

Organize a white elephant gift night with your friends Keep up that giving mood by organizing a white elephant gift night.

For those new to the game, every guest brings a wrapped gift and you take it in turns to choose a random present from the pile and have the option of switching gifts so everyone goes home with something nice!

It will have you feeling a million dollars once the party season starts in earnest.