Some clients have expressed that they would like the option of being able to search the database themselves. We give Chemistry and e Harmony the same rating because they are both very similar.

Also, they would rather see photos upfront instead of the later, after investing time in correspondence. They both have an extensive questionnaire and guided communication system.

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Their site is simple to use yet advanced with lots of great features to explore.

Our clients find it easy to navigate and your searches can be customized, which improves quickness and accuracy in finding a match.

For the best results please take the time to read our site reviews and Online Dating advice.

We know that some people will not have the time to read this page and just want a professional recommendation.

They like idea of many points of compatibility but not when that filtering process yields too few choices.

One of the positives about the e Harmony is that it takes a real commitment by someone to go through their process.They have an extensive questionnaire, over 400 questions that are used to create their 29 points of compatibility.e Harmony, for our clients has been a love it or hate it process.Their profiles allow for several photos, important stats on members and plenty of ways to express your individualism.Their “My Match” section, keeps your online flirting very organized, which is a real plus.The Truth About Online Dating is: Matchmaking is not the same as Online Dating and NOT ALL DATING SITES ARE THE SAME!