Whatever may have happened you won’t be in trouble.

Have you met someone online and you’re not sure they are who they say they are? Is someone trying to take things further by showing you porn or asking you to do sexual stuff on webcam?

In general, you’re aiming for a contrast in color, which can be diminished by the camera (hence the need for a little more makeup than you might wear in real life).

Studies show that blood flows differently through our faces when we change expression, and the blood concentration deepens on your cheeks when you smile, meaning blushed cheeks mimic happiness — so adding a little color to your cheeks sends a warm message to your video partner.

If you’re doing things you don’t want to do it’s never too late to get help. Talk to an adult you trust, like a parent, carer, teacher or youth worker.

If you don’t want to speak to someone you know there are organisations who can help.

Even if you don’t normally wear foundation or powder, consider a light dusting to even out your skin tone on screen.

A swipe of eyeliner on the top of the lid and some mascara creates a more alert and awake eye, and a punch of color (matte or gloss) on the lips brings the whole look to life. Whatever you like doing, if you use the internet you might have met people online who want to chat.With over 2 billion people on the internet there are plenty of people to meet.Video calls can feel like a photo shoot and interview all rolled into one.We’re more self-conscious on video chats, in part because we can see ourselves while we’re talking (awkward).So, if you are going to chat to people you meet online here are some tips to help you do it safely.