“I think the Church places us at a higher standard,” Rideout said.

For years now, I’ve had an interested in World War II.

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“Most of my previous relationships have been with other practicing Catholics.

I invite them to come to Mass with me and to pray and read the Scriptures,” Baltz said, quoting, “A couple that prays together stays together.” He and his friends have also gone on “adoration dates” with their significant other.

According to Pew, a third of those between 26 and 33 have a four-year college degree, the highest in U. “But one day I might be 50 saying ‘Hey there’s no rush.’” Chance Keith, 22, a member of St.

Joseph Church in Conway who attends the University of Central Arkansas, said a lot of his friends have felt anxiety about not yet finding “the one God is calling them to.” “I find a lot of peace through dating and through trusting God in this process,” Keith said.

For Keith and Hambuchen, who each lead Bible studies at CCM, prayer is the center of their relationship.

“Praying together each day, going to adoration together, we tried to make that habitual from the very beginning,” and if they fail, Keith said, “We know we suffer.” As in everything, Catholic young adults are encouraged to follow spiritual morals.

Baltz said because this attitude toward sex as separate from love is so accepted, many view Catholics as “sexually repressed; you’re brainwashed by archaic and obsolete teachings.” Emily Rideout, 26, a member of St.

Joseph Church in Conway and a student at UAMS, said, “I think you need to place boundaries from the get-go.” “I definitely don’t like the whole hook-up culture.

When young adults gather around to listen to their grandparents speak of their first date, it’s almost a novelty, a peek into a different world — grabbing a hot dog at the local stand, catching a drive-in movie, maybe a peck on the cheek and back by 9 p.m. Since society has changed, couples from a bygone era that have similar stories far outweigh those of couples today.

Being Catholic calls young adults to rise to Christ’s standards when it comes to dating and while no one is perfect, it is the path to ultimately find God-centered love.

The story of how they met their wives, contained in their biographical sketches, usually goes something like this: “When I got home from my tour of duty, I was at an officers dance and saw Betty. I told my buddy, ‘I’m going to marry that girl,’ and I asked her to dance.