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If you would like to direct people to your other social profiles such as Twitter or Google , you can do so by entering them in those fields with one link per line.

Be sure to check each section when you edit it by viewing your page and clicking on the About link to make sure everything is displayed properly. Lack of Recent Activity is More Obvious Before, people would have to glance at the date on the latest status updates to see how long it has been since a page has been updated.

You can change your About description in the new layout by going to your Admin Panel Edit Page.

In the old layout, you just click on the Edit Page button.

Status updates and wall posts are handled differently in the new Facebook pages. Now, if you go for a month without updating, it will show up like this.

Thanks to Timeline, updating your page regularly will be that much more important. Change Dates on Status Updates The up side is before Timeline launches, you can backdate some posts for your page.

This would appear on the left-hand side of your page.

With the new Facebook page design, your About description can be up to 170 characters and appears beneath your page’s Timeline and profile photo.

The following are 28 things you need to know about the new Facebook pages, including using the preview, timeline cover rules, how updates have changed, admin panel features, messages, and .