"One challenge of the church is to connect single adults to each other and to the greater church body.Single people don't always want to be excluded or segregated all the time."The church also should make an effort to meet singles where they are in their lives, much like it does with couples and families.

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"Many of the young singles are in a transitional period, wrestling with things like are they supposed to be married right now, is this job right for me, etc.," says Card.

"We try to understand that's what's going on and help them through our ministry."Second Baptist Church offers singles a variety of Bible study classes, as well as social, sports, missions and outreach events.

When it comes to dating, women must also take care not to talk about exes - and be prepared to run a mile if their date brings up his former flame. If you talk about your ex he's not gonna respect you because as far as he's concerned you have a clean slate and he doesn't want to know anyone you've slept with.

'If he talks about his ex he's probably not over her and chances are he's still sleeping with her so run a mile because you don't need that type of baggage in your life.'Nadia also suggests keeping the conversation lighthearted because you'll find out all his values and goals later.'I'm a big believer in trying to keep the first date really fun and really lighthearted.

Nadia, 34, from Chelsea, London, says single women need to dedicate at least one night a month to finding a partner if they're serious about settling down.

The dating expert advises going out to bars on Thursday or Friday nights because they're filled with date night couples on Saturdays, and says singles should only be seen with single friends in order to give off the right 'vibe'.

"However, the majority of churches are not trying to exclude singles, but they are more marriage and family focused, which means singles are not acknowledged very often."The Rev.

Alan Fretto, a single senior in Danbury, Conn., points out, "The church is geared toward children, women and couples.

One can be the loneliest number, especially in the church.

Today, there are more singles in the United States than at any other time in history – 43.6 percent of the U. adult population are unmarried, according to the 2010 U. Census."The number of single adults in the United States has been rapidly approaching the number of married adults, and this is an unprecedented culture shift that is dramatic," says Barry Danylak, author of .

I like to ask really c**p questions like who would win in a fight between a silver back gorilla and a Tyrannosaurus Rex just to get conversation flowing,' Nadia explained.'Believe it or not his answer to that question will tell you everything you need to know about him because if he answers really quickly then you know he's the type of person who speaks before he thinks.