When asked about Patridge's divorce, Brescia told E!

News: "My first reaction is the thought of the child, obviously," he said.

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The reality star, 32, called it quits on her year-old marriage to professional BMX dirt bike rider Corey Bohan on Wednesday after filing the restraining order Monday.

TMZ reports that the order appears to be in response to a domestic violence incident in which Bohan hurled emotionally abusive insults at Patridge.

#babyontheway #Clearblue Confirmed #ad" the 30-year-old former MTV star captioned a sponsored pic of her holding a pregnancy test. Xoxo" "It started with me not feeling too well -- I didn’t feel sick, but I definitely knew something was off between my mood swings and lack of energy," she writes. "With the combination of my poor lying skills and Corey’s perma-smile, we were given 'the look' over and over again by our friends and family, so it’s safe to say the secret was not a secret much longer!

" "I just feel very tired and like I have a major hangover when I wake up, which is a change for me because I’m constantly on-the-go! "As far as finding out the sex of the baby…We just want it to be healthy:) Girl or boy, we will be ecstatic either way!

She also wants a block put on any requests for spousal support.

The news comes after Bohan, 35, reportedly broke a restraining order which Audrina filed on Monday after he allegedly pushed her while she held Kirra.

" Me, coming from a separated family at a young age, it had its perks and it had its hindrances.

My second thought is if she's OK, because she's been a longtime friend.

Corey’s mum wants it to be a surprise, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait!