I walk into a restaurant and people stare as though I've just landed from another planet. So many actors and musicians seem to be only interested in what's expected of them and they join the dots accordingly.

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I've spent my life trying things, sometimes succeeding, sometimes falling flat on my backside.

But I'm still an individual, and my priorities are intact.

I needed to get away from the movie business and feed my creative fire through music.

After five years of rock 'n' roll, I'm ready to hurl myself back into acting with a passion. I've been on some tough movie shoots - Natural Born Killers called for serious, extensive fight training, and it was painful at times.

, in which the popular bandmates moonlight as sleuths.

Designed for preschoolers, this series shows the characters working together to solve problems while they piece together clues to mysteries that happen around them.

We'd be up early for an hour of yoga followed by an hour of extreme strength training.

Then the roller skates would arrive and we'd work on stunts for six long hours. When we got down to filming I discovered that I'm not nearly as physically tough as I imagined.

I'd sure like to have a partner, but I'm unlikely to meet the right person living in LA. I haven't shopped in ages and I actually plan to shop less in future.

I'd be better off chasing construction workers in London. I like hard-working guys who can lift the heavy things that are too much for me. I want my life to become more and more simple, less cluttered, so that I'm free to be in music and movies.

For a whodunit, the show favors quirky villains over any real scares, and the upbeat soundtrack helps lighten the mood.