Anthony was married to his wife Jennifer Cumia after they met in 1987, dated in 1989 and married seven month later.

Marvel at his record-breaking 30 seconds on top and the following pleasureless coitus, culminating in his collapse on top of his Gene Simmons did, of course, attack those who released this horror into the world; however, the fact that it coincided with the beginning of his cringe-inducing reality show did raise the questions as to whether it was a publicity stunt.

After all, In his NPR interview, discount Bond villain Gene Simmons made it clear: Money is the most important thing in his life.

In Gene Simmons’ world, accusations come from gold-diggers, while the untapped reservoir of vaginas where he claims to live is only the result of his sexual prowess and abilities as a lover.

Thanks to the internet, however, we have access to a leaked sex tape of this man, where we see him demonstrating his technique for the best part of 6 minutes: Ladies, get ready to change your panties as you witness the small dick of this sexagenerian sex-tape terrorist going into a “model”, while wearing a t-shirt and keeping his pants and underwear around his ankles and his shoes on.

In this weeks Steppin Out magazine, our friend super hot WPIX-TV traffic/entertainment reporter Jill Nicolini tells Chaunce Hayden who is the hottest reporter on television and about her nude Playboy layout. I’m not sure if that’s a requirement or not though. I’m very thankful and lucky to be one of the few to be chosen to pose. All of those things just make me the person who I am. Playboy is something that I’m proud of, and I’m still proud of it today.

Plus, losing her beauty pagenant crown and her ugly break-up with shock jock Anthony Cumia. You look at these girls and they’re all educated and talented. I won the crown and all of a sudden someone said, “Hey, that girl was in Playboy.” I admitted it. However, there’s a morality contract in the pageant rules that states you have to be a moral and ethical person, which I am, but their interpretation of being moral and ethical means not posing in Playboy magazine.

While you can listen to the full audio of the interview online, or just read the full transcript, here are some of the beautiful nuggets of wisdom from the feminist hero: In regards to money being the most important thing in life, and what needs to be done to get it: Although Gross called his “comments obnoxious” (and would later describe him as a misogynist and a misanthrope) Simmons opted to double down, even asking her if she was “sexier” when she was not on NPR, demonstrating that his level of respect for women is akin to that of Ted Bundy. Some time ago, in the Opie and Anthony Show, one of the hosts commented how undercover sexual predator Gene Simmons once harassed his then-girlfriend, Jill Nicoletti.

The level of harassment was such that her boss had to get involved to sort of diffuse the situation, since his flirtatious technique of were clearly not working well enough.

Cumia dated Jil Nicolini and model Melissa Stetten and also an 18-year-old to whom he took to his high school reunion.