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Emotions are important in explaining the aberrant consumer act of shoplifting, especially among adolescents. Among 54 adults, their behavioral intentions to shoplift were affected by their moral beliefs, with attitude toward the act of shoplifting serving as a partial mediator of these effects. Explorations & Implications Of Aberrant Consumer Behavior.

The purpose of this section on our website is to help individuals, family members, therapists and researchers better understand this common psychological issue by continually providing an updated reference to a variety of published psychological studies (most current first), with a brief summary of Findings or conclusions, when available. Hypothesizes that shoplifting for most offenders is due to psychological factions which are related to the individual experiencing a loss. Among 116 first-time shoplifting offenders, many did experience loss states prior to their shoplifting offenses and the study results did provide evidence of psychopathology on each of the clinical scales of the SCL-90-R. Sensation Seeking As A Predictor Of Positive & Negative Risk Behavior Among Adolescents. of Psychiatry, Montreal, PQ, Canada; Canadian Journal of Psychiatry; Feb.

In addition, NASP has posted and will continually post on its website, a variety of articles on shoplifting which you can read by clicking on “Articles” in this National Learning and Resource Center. Authors: Ellen Beate Hansen/Gunnar Breivik, Norwegian U of Sports & Physical Education, Oslo, Norway; Personality & Individual Differences; Mar.

Discusses the psychopathology and group and individual psychodynamic psychotherapeutic treatment of women who shoplift. Kleptomania-like Behaviour & Psychosocial Characteristics Among Shoplifters. Authors: Jeanette Lawrence/Vanessa Heinze, U Melbourne, Parkville, VIC Australia; Socio-genetic Perspectives on Internalization; 1997; p. Author: Will Cupchik, Private Practice, Ontario Canada; 1997; p.

Suggests that features of kleptomania-like behavior may be common among ordinary shoplifters but all the diagnostic criteria according to the DSM-IV are rarely fulfilled. Among the 50 shoplifters studied that exhibited kleptomania-like behavior, many did not feel to be themselves during the crime, indicating dissociative-like experiences, which have been described in kleptomania and compulsive buying. In cases of compulsive and ego-dystonic shoplifting, the educational program developed by Shoplifters Anonymous may be a better alternative to fines. Everyone Does It, But Who’s To Blame: Adolescents’ Constructions & Reconstructions of Shoplifting. Why Honest People Shoplift or Commit Other Acts of Theft: Assessment & Treatment of ‘typical theft offenders’.

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