Make sure you save a game before the final mission in case you accidentally skip the credits as you cannot be rewatch them post game. All Dressed Up for San Fierro Assassin Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophy clean up As previously mentioned in Step 1, there are numerous trophies which can be unlocked at any point in the game.

There are also a number of trophies related to side missions.

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Upon his return, CJ must retake control of the streets that have been overrun with gangs and corrupt law enforcement.

The game is a full HD remaster of the original classic of the Play Station 2 version of the game.

Don’t be mistaken though, the trophy list is still very inclusive and you will need to partake in the majority of the games content in order to achieve the platinum trophy.

There is a single missable trophy related to watching the end game credits, so be sure not to skip them, or at least make a backup save before the final mission.

It unlocks hidden mini games within "GTA: San Andreas." These mini games are not your run-of-the-mill Easter eggs and amusements, however.

These contain graphic adult-oriented content that the developer, Rockstar games, did not intend for broad release.

There is only one missable trophy relating to watching the full credits at the end of the game (see note at the end of Step 2 below).

Other than that, you are free to go about earning trophies in any order that you wish.

Following the release of the Hot Coffee Mod, backlash resulted in a class action lawsuit and the Electronic Software Ratings Board's (ESRB) revoking its original rating of "M" for mature, replacing it with the highest "AO" Adults Only rating.