She returned to the News of the World to edit Sunday, its weekly magazine, and in a book published to mark the paper's 150th anniversary in 1993 she was described as "a voluptuous red-headed Geordie".(On her staff was a younger woman with similar hair colouring, Rebekah Wade, who was to rise rapidly through the ranks to become News International's chief executive, the post from which she resigned this year at the height of the phone hacking scandal.)In the summer of 2010 Carroll was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, the disease from which her maternal grandfather had died.

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Though he wasn’t liked by critics, Ladd was a favourite amongst the public.

He often used to get mobbed during public appearances, even at a time when television and internet was non-existent, and played no role in propelling the popularity of Hollywood stars.

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TV’s “The Texan”, Rory Calhoun, and wife Lita Baron in 1955.

Alan had distributed papers, worked as a carpenter, and took up several odd jobs during his younger days to make his ends meet.

However, his popularity came down spiraling after Ladd got addicted to drugs and alcohol, which ultimately led to his sad demise.

His movies have all been top grossers, earning 55 million dollars event at that time.

Alan’s biggest achievement was overcoming his adversities to become the celebrity that he was.

Taking a lunch break while filming “Branded” in Arizona are (L-R) Alan Ladd, Mona Freeman and Peter Hansen. Chill Wills introduces his kids to Wild Bill Elliott at the July 1945 Roy Rogers Rodeo in Hollywood.