But are girls purely victims of sexual assault in gangs, or exploited by male gang members, or is there more to it?"Increasingly, we're seeing girls who are developing characteristics of violence that are very similar to boys," she tells me.

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Camila Batmanghelidjh runs one of London's largest children's charities, Kids Company, which works with some 18,000 of the capital's most vulnerable children.

A staunch critic of the Government's lacklustre policy on gang culture, she has accused the coalition of letting thousands of London's disturbed children live in a culture of "normalised violence", where stabbings and shootings are commonplace and called on ministers to "wake up before its too late".

For instance, no consensus exists on how gangs form, and few gang prevention programs have been rigorously evaluated. of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs (OJJDP), presents a compilation of current research on gangs, including data on the state of gang problems in the United States today, why youth join gangs, the risk factors and attractions that increase youth’s propensity to join gangs, and how gangs form.

The recent Juvenile Justice bulletin (PDF, 24 Pages), published by the U. The author examines how community members can begin to assess their gang problems and provide necessary enhancements to prevention and intervention activities.

In 2009, the annual arrests of teenage girls and women reached a record level of more than 250,000.

Today, women still account for one in six of the arrests made (men and women) for violent attacks. And yet women actually had a significant presence during the riots, according to some accounts.

Prevention programs target youth at risk of gang involvement and help reduce the number of youth who join gangs.

Intervention programs and strategies provide sanctions and services for younger youth who are actively involved in gangs to push them away from gangs.

Almost one in three of those arrests were for violent attacks.