Most new phone batteries are fairly capable of lasting through a day of normal use, but there are days when you’re doing more than the normal use.For those days Ara would let you swap out a larger battery to get through the day.

The phone is modular, meaning each part can be easily swapped out and replaced, thus extending the life of a smartphone beyond the usual two years.

Maybe you don’t like your camera any more, but don’t want to drop $600 on a new phone.

In the past, demos have been sloppy and cringeworthy as viewers had to wait in silence for the phone to recognize the camera.

But got to see an in-person demo and says the feature is smooth now.

That would certainly make Uber easier, but could also lead to a lot of false rides.

Google is also touting screens on the back of the device that seem to permanently show regular home screen functions such as the weather, battery life, and the time. Rafa Camargo, Ara’s technical project lead, acknowledged as much himself.

The phone recognized her proximity to the car and unlocked it automatically so she didn’t have to put down the board.

The fitness buffs of the world have a lot to gain from a modular design.

Beyond snacks and meds, I know a few people who would be very into the idea of different storage compartments on their phones for credit cards, physical money, or rings and jewelry.

In the video, Google appears to show a woman getting ready to go out, and with a simple touch of one of the back panels a ride is hailed for her.

Google also says screens could be modified into an e-reader like Amazon’s Kindle for those long plane rides.