he is the younger brother of one of my best friends. he didnt want children and is totally happy with our grandchildren and they love him so much. we have more in common than i did with my first husband.

everyone tells me he is a hottie and how did i get so lucky.

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I know any guy cannot stand an immature girl to date.

i take this in my advantage if something comes to happen btween us because i know that he has the chance to find many little brats if he searches for girls of his own age i know exacly what i want i play no games i know that evry human being needs oxygen youong girls think their guys must breathe their same air 24hrs a day and i treasure my own oxygen too.

ive dated younger guys weve sat up all night talking about music social media and looked at the stars.

sex with a younger guy is great and i dont have to worry about his performance after a bottle or two of wine because he has more stamina than any 50 year old man. i thrive on the youthful energy and stamina of a younger man.

god blessed me the day i met him and no matter where things go from here i am grateful for every minute we have kaine is just alright with has been fun though with a younger man and great for my ego. i would like to say before going that it would be nice to see more literature available to us women with much younger men.

not just the cougar articles but ones that help navigate a real relationship.so my take is each moment is something to experience and wont think too hard and cherish what i have now. than i have experienced something i never felt before in my prior relationship with a somewhat age appropriate man. Die besten partnerbörsen im internet I dont know if should accept a marriage proposal from my boyfriend 9 years age gaps spanned anywhere from 10 to 14 years with women in their late 40s and early 50s enjoying relationships andor marriage with men in their late 20s or next day i saw him in the breakfast line and made a point of smiling and chatting with him.i didnt want any weirdness or for either of us to feel awkward.i noticed how hard he worked around the camp and was impressed.during our shift he had mentioned a few interesting places around the camp that i was curious about so i asked if he would take me to see a couple of them.i dont worry about how my body is changing thats going to happen no matter what age my significant other is.